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TV Review: Strictly Come Dancing Results Show, BBC One, Sunday 5 October, 9.10pm

By ShinyMedia on October 6th, 2008 2 comments

446x251-gary.jpgNow usually I hate to be wrong. In fact, I very rarely admit it when I am. But where Strictly is concerned – specifically my predictions for who would leave this week – I was thrilled to be wrong. Because it was Gary Rhodes.

Now I have nothing against Gary (well, apart from thinking he’s a bit of a knob), but he was – by far – the worst dancer on the show and so it was absolutely right that he went out. And it’s promising that, for once, the worst dancer wasn’t kept in by public vote for weekly humiliation.

And yet… I predicted that Andrew Castle and Don Warrington would be in the bottom two and then, speaking to my sister yesterday afternoon, she suggested Mark Foster and I realised that I’d completely forgotten about Mark Foster. And so I think he should be next.

Because while Andrew Castle hasn’t shown much in the way of dancing so far, at least I remember him from one show to the next. Mark Foster, while he may have a fantabulous bod and seem like a very nice chap, seems to be a charisma vacuum. And there’s no place for that on Strictly Come Dancing, is there?

(Incidentally, my prediction of Don in the bottom two was partly based on the fact that I found his tango particularly painful, but mainly based on the fact that black contestants have tended not to do so well in competitions with public voting. Let’s hope that Alicia Dixon’s win last season has changed that trend, eh?)

The only other interesting thing to come out of the results show was Tess Daly’s announcement that she and Anton du Beke will be dancing together for Children in Need. Since Tess manages to make that two second “routine” she does with Bruce at the beginning of each show look tricky and painful, a full performance sounds like a must-watch.

Strictly Come Dancing, BBC One, Saturday 11 October, 5.50pm

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  • Helen

    In our house we’ve been saying for years that Tess needs dancing lessons! Love the reviews Keris.

  • Sue Toft

    The show has become a travesty with good contestants voted off. The result tonight makes me suspect rigged results & I shall not bother watching this farce again

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