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Don’t Set The Video: Coming of Age, BBC Three, Tonight, 7 October, 10.30pm

By mofgimmers on October 7th, 2008 11 comments

Okay. Last week I reviewed a show so bad that I’m still angry about it. I saw a trailer for the new episode last night and I got a rash with stress. Huge boils pop out on my neck when I think of the no-dimensional script. So with that, I’m seriously advising that you don’t watch Coming of Age (BBC Three, Tonight, 7 October, 10.30pm). Now, some have suggested that I’ve got this wrong, and some have even assumed my age to conclude that I’m ‘just too old to get it, maaan’. So with that, I’m going to avoid passing further judgement and leave it up to TV Scoop’s readers. Click over for the highlights of their views.

“Right, gimme a sheet of paper, 12 Pints of Guiness and a Vindaloo and ill Sh*t out a better story and better jokes than this. Im its target audience, I LOOOVE Two pints with a passion (except the latest series without ralph)You can see the the jokes coming from a mile off, so obvious and about as intelligent as a Bacon Sandwich Shop in a Mosque. All the actors (if you can call them that) straight out of stage school, if they even went, gimme he half our of my life back argh! Avoid like syphillis” – Mathew

“It’s definitely the worst thing I’ve ever seen on BBC Three and that’s really saying something.” – Clem

“I’m a teenage child, I imagine I am the target audience for this, I’d rather get 2 spoons and stick them in my eyes just so I didn’t have to see this on the sky guide ever again.

Kill it.” – Luke Shoveller

“I saw an advert for it and it filled me with so much rage I had to go for a cigarette. BBC3 really is where comedy goes to die.” – Matt

“I don’t object to crass humour… if it’s funny. I don’t object to dark situations… if it’s funny (see: Nighty Night). I do object to creepy cringeworthy bullying TV without a half measure of wit to go around. Possibly the worst thing was all that canned laughter. So much of it and so loud and obnoxious it made me feel even less like laughing.” – Pixy

“This program was a load of crap…. i turned onto this and my soul died.” – Andrew

“…sub ‘Carry On’ innuendo laden piece of rubbish, its really really that bad! After Summer Heights High and How Not to Live Your Life i had high hopes for BBC3 Comedy, but the guys behind this stuff need to be locked in a cellar with Josef Fritzl for their crimes against comedy!” – Dave Cooper

“This is the worst programme on tv ever… pointelss jokes for braindead people.” – would-be-writer

“These attempts at dark, risqué moments are so out of place, that if you imagine 3 of the teletubbies walking into a room to find that poe has hung himself, you are close to matching the ridiculousness of it. ‘Coming of age’ is the crying, shitting, dribbling infant of ‘Two pints’. Undernourished, teething and *sniff sniff* in need of a change.” – Matty Pux

“Anyone who finds Coming of Age funny is basically an idiot. Simple as that. “But you don’t get it, blah blah blah”. What’s to get, the jokes are inane, predictable and an insult to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together.” – Bilbo Hicks

See? Told you it was rubbish. Avoid like the plague, even if you’re curious.

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  • weemalky

    From the ten minutes I managed to stand of this sh** it was clear that anyone can get a comedy series commissioned for BBC3 regardless of talent.

  • Aldert Vrij

    THIS FUKIN ROCKS, UTTER GENIOUS !!!!!!! i cant wait for the next episode AMAZING.
    Aldert Vrij Holland

  • http://x ellie

    lmaoo i love this program! makes me laugh 24/7 ahah

  • Ash

    yeh this show is really sh**, but i find myself switching back to it just to get purposely annoyed at its crapness.

  • gaz

    stop bad talking it man its quality i bet all the teens “target audience who hav commented on thsi are posh dick head who are stuck up their own arses not real teens who like goin out with their mates and having a laugh and can actualy relate to sum of thin

  • Mary

    I’m sixteen and embarrassed that this pile of shit is aimed at me. Definitely one of the most poorly act and written comedies I have seen. It doesn’t deserve any more to be said.

  • Josiah

    im 17 and find almost any attempt at a comedy series i encounter funny. this is the first notable exception it’s soooo bad that i actualy bothered to type a negative review on something which i had never done bfore…

  • Ross

    theres not enough words in the dictionary to describe how god awful this programe is. If it wasn’t for the canned laughter I wouldn’t have known this was a commedy. I don’t think 2 pints was especially well written but the brilliant actors made up for this. Coming of age doesn’t even have that redeeming feature. On the plus side, does show that bbc 3 will comission anything so hope for any young writers out there with aspirations of getting their stuff on telly. – Oh and theres really hot girls in it. Thats the only reason I stayed watching the whole episode. Mute your tv and enjoy! :)

  • Bower Mask

    This show is junk and needs to be killed. people need to stop paying the license fee

  • Tom

    dam this show is shit, the actor can’t act jokes are shit. this just shows that the bbc doesn’t understand the working classes, if this is the comedy show they aim at us. I think i’ll stick to channel 4 thanks, maybe switch back for family guy.

  • Tom

    Watching this made me feel mentally violated and to date I am still disgusted that this juvenile show was ever given the opportunity to befoul my tv screen. The show shoves copious amounts of unnecessary sex jokes constantly down the viewers throats and makes them taste every disgusting mouthful while reinforcing them with fake canned laughter. This is an example of a show that is not afraid to cross the line similar to the Family Guy style of comedy except this is a disgrace and Family Guy is extremely funny with relevant and appropriate jokes.

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