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Life On Mars USA in more trouble, ditches entire cast and extends ‘mythology’

By Paul Hirons on July 18th, 2008 3 comments


And so the long and tortuous journey of Life On Mars USA continues. It’s been in all sorts, let’s be honest, right from the word go. A pilot was produced, everyone though it was rubbish, Producer David E Kelly left, it was moved from LA to New York. Now I read that the entire cast has been ditched, apart from Jason O’Mara (Sam Tyler). No Colm Meaney as Gene Hunt. Furthermore, it sounds as though the story is being changed so it can be a longer running series. Find out what’s the bally hell is going on after the jump.

This is what the Exec Producer, Josh Applebaum is saying: “We’re expanding the mythology. We spoke to the creators of the BBC version and asked their permission to change the mythology. In their version, ultimately he was in a coma, and for us to do a long-running series where you know he’s in this coma state, it felt unsatisfying. With their permission we are changing the mythology each week, deepening the mystery of what’s going on with him. Has he traveled through time? Or lost his mind? Or he’s in a coma? For us there are many more options there.”

Apparently, in episode two Sam will sketch out on a blackboard 12 different scenarios of what’s happened to him, with a question mark on the 13th scenario. So does this mean each episode will represent one scenario?

Producers have also said that the Annie character will be changed.

“It’s one thing to be in the police department in Manchester, England, and another to be in the police department in New York in 1973. That requires a whole other character. She has this strength and determination to endure the ferocity that surrounds her. She’s got to be more connected to the women’s liberation movement. In our version she’s more outspoken than she was in the BBC version.”

The series is still scheduled to start on 9 October. Good luck everyone!

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  • Ezri

    I´ll skip this one…the more I read about it, the more I feel sick about this. Why to remake a perfect show?

  • Richie

    Well ultimately, he wasn’t in a coma… Was he? If he was then how can Alex be there in Ashes To Ashes? Folie A Deux?
    How can the Americans screw this up before it’s even aired? Amazing!

  • tvor

    I can see changing the character of Annie a bit because the Annie we know probably wouldn’t be much more than a desk clerk in 1973 NYC so, fair enough. The actor that played Sam was ok, i’ll agree but the rest of the cast was shite so it’s a good thing that they’ve ditched them. I might give it a try. New news says at least two quite good actors are on board. THis is a good thing.

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