Friends and The Office producers unite for sci-fi comedy

When two giants of situation comedy from either side of the channel unite, can world domination be far behind?  Well, we here in the UK will soon find out.

Adam Chase, a Friends exec producer, has written a sci-fi comedy and roped in former (British) “The Office” producer Ash Attila to make it. 

The show will be called Clone, and according to Chase, it will be “extremely violent, despite the main character being a wimpish soldier clone created by a scientist (Jonathon Pryce).

Now, sci-fi comedies are a difficult beast to tame, and if Chase’s only way around this difficult problem is “extreme violence” then world domination may have to be out on hold.

This could, of course, end up being the new Red Dwarf – with less nerdy fans – but the current plot synopsis, added to the fact that they only have £250,000 per episode to spend, will require all of their collective talent to achieve.

One thing is for certain, it cannot be worse than Hyperdrive.

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