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Coming Soon… How Not To Live Your Life, BBC Three, August

By ShinyMedia on July 31st, 2008 13 comments

BBC Three has had a mixed time of it when it comes to comedy. For every Summer Heights High and Mighty Boosh, there is a Thieves Like Us. Don’t remember it? Well of course you don’t. It was awful. Luckily, the awful ones like that generally don’t get beyond the pilot, but others, such as How Not To Live Your Life, do well enough at that stage to get commissioned as a full series.

UPDATE: There’s a review here if you want to read it.

It’s heartening that the makers of this programme have spent a good ten months since that original pilot putting the series together, as it shows care and dedication, so I’m looking forward to this one. Written by and starring comedian Dan Clark, the sitcom follows the life and woes of Don, a neurotic thirty-something whose thoughts we get to see played out “in the form of quick fire fantasy sequences”. Here’s a quick clip to get a taster of things to come:

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  • AstonishingSodApe

    Shame it’s such a pile of crap.

  • Rachael Walker

    Well, actually it isnt a pile of crap , it happens to be very very funny at times so I would recommend it just wish it would be longer

  • LouBabessss

    OMG, i love it- it’s hilareous. Plus i think Don is HOTTTTT :)

  • Big Fan

    I love this sitcom and I hope there are many seasons to come. A+

    It would be a big mistake not to go with this sitcom.

  • Dan

    Yeah me too! Love it!

  • physkoa

    this show is rather funny. I found myself really liking his day dreams.

  • Rhoderick Maclennan

    Love the prospective lodgers in the first episode

  • melleze

    OH MY GOD I love the show,don cracks me up! Things he comes out with are quality,and yes i agree he’s ssoooo fit! Bring on the box set,and the next series!

  • Grantoooo

    Was “the break up” the last episode of the series?

  • chuck

    Sorry, but this is rubbish. Good idea, but needs better actors, soundtrack and overall production. The lead guy is rubbish, and not hot enought to make me watch it anyways.

  • cdleedsfan

    Just watching the 4th episode “The Young Ones” first time I’d heard of it..

    Clearly got writing talent, the jokes and plot are brilliant.

    However, I nearly turned over after 5 mins, the acting is quite poor and directed poorly aswell, kinda aimed for the Peep Show (at times) and missed. However, Sinead Moynihan and whoever plays Anna in it are a credit to the show.

    By the way, who plays Anna – can’t find her anywhere.

  • vince

    i been glued to the show on i player tellin all my friends bout it its so random funny a contender to the mighty boosh……..will be buying on DVD

  • Aran Nicol

    I love this!!! One of the best shows on TV. Bring on series 4 :) x

    Does anyone know if they are making another series (4) <3 x

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