TV Review – Natalie Cassidy’s Diet Secrets, BBC Three, Wednesday, 25 June, 10.15pm


Natalie Cassidy’s Diet Secrets (BBC Three, Wednesday, 25 June, 10.15pm) seems to have been on every night for the past fortnight… it probably hasn’t… but it seems that way. So with that, I thought I’d watch it (obviously this was helped by virtue of the fact that there’s bugger all on telly at the moment if you don’t like football). Natalie Cassidy, if you’re wondering, was the lass who played Sonia on Eastenders… played the trumpet and everyone kinda loved her. Well, she’s on a mission to give everyone the secrets about dieting and losing weight.

Now, you might be thinking that this is going to be a review set out to kick this programme to bits or rant ‘n’ rave about moronic idiots who fad diet (as this show is about that very subject) and you’re partly right… but first, sit down on my lap and let me tell you a story…

I know this couple who went to the doctor for a check-up together. This lady doctor ran her tests and everything was jus’ fine. Almost. The lad of the couple was underweight and the doctor was appalled. Scowling, they said that things needed sorting a sharpish. Now, he wasn’t a skelebones or anything… but he was underweight. Now, the turn of the lady. She was also underweight… in fact… percentage-wise, exactly the same amount of weight under as her beau. The doctor? “Ooooh… lucky you… it’s alright for us girls to be a little under eh?” Suffice to say, my mates got themselves a new doctor.

It’s this pressure for women to be slim… and as bad, the pressure that naturally slim women are told that they’re not ‘real’ women… that drives me mental. People are people are people and we’re all meant to be different shapes and sizes. This is something that Natalie Cassidy has had to learn over the years after being called ‘podgy’ and ‘chubby’ in the press. So, with her show, she goes off to look at fad diets.

Now, those that diet don’t do it for me. I mean, a lot of men say things like ‘I like a woman with a bit of meat on her’ and things like that. I’m not in that category. I fall straight in to ‘liking women with brains’ category. I don’t care if they’re thin or fat… so long as they’re smart enough to know that there’s only one way to lose weight… and more importantly, that losing weight isn’t an issue (unless you’re gonna die or somethin’).

In short, this show saw Natalie Cassidy succumbing to the maple syrup diet and was stunned at how quickly she lost weight. She was more stunned at the fact her body was going into shut-down because, in essence, she was starving herself. The punchline of the show was that, in the long-run, fad-diets make you fatter. Got that. I write it big in case anyone is skim-reading.


But this ain’t a lifestyle site. What do you care? Well, thing is, I care. I don’t want my readers being stupid. Everyone knows that the only way to lose weight and be healthy is to eat well and do exercise. I mean, if that doesn’t excite you none, then a super fast way of losing weight is to become a smack-head. There’s your choices. Use the knowledge wisely. As for this show… the producers did well to choose someone who is almost universally popular and drawing on personal experience and, most importantly, being honest about it, made for a passable show.

However, the tone of it all felt a bit like one of those documentaries you get shown at school. Y’know, keen to be cool and a bit clunky. That said, it this does end up shown in schools, it’s certainly no bad thing as, if one thing is clear after watching this programme, it’s that kids at 8 years old are already weighing up diets… and that’s a real scandal.

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