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Set The Video: EastEnders, BBC One, Wednesday 18 June, 8pm

By johnberesford on June 18th, 2008 2 comments

dawn_and_summer.jpgWe tend not to bother reporting too much on that telly staple The Soaps here on TV Scoop. Let’s face it, corrie blog already does such an amazing job when it comes to The Street that we’re behind before we even start, and who watches anything else, right? (joke) But since Mof has started the ball rolling with his mindbender on Neighbours and his lovelorn soliloquy for Harold Bishop, I thought it only fair to bring to your attention the fact that there’s something explosive happening in Walford, it’s happening tonight, and it’s an hour long.

The footie has played absolute havoc with the soap schedules. They’re either not on at all, or they’re on for twice as long as usual. And on the wrong night. I mean, EastEnders on a Wednesday! What’s that all about? Everyone knows Wednesday’s don’t exist in Walford, except as the end of Tuesday or the beginning of Thursday.

Still we must all make sacrifices in the name of European football (even if only in a vain attempt to get it to shut up for five minutes), and Walford’s sacrifice is to pop into existence on a Wednesday. For an hour.

The last time Dawn saw her doctor, she’d tied her up and was preparing to do an elective caesarian with a rusty saw. That’s elective in the sense that the doctor – aka Mad May – had elected to do it. To get her hands on Dawn’s baby, who she misguidedly believed was “hers”. Well, she had paid several thousand pounds for the mite, so you could be forgiven for agreeing with her.

Time passes, Summer’s just had her first birthday, but some things don’t change. May is even more determined to steal Summer away to a wonderful land of syringes and athlete’s foot. See, I lied when I said Dawn hadn’t seen her for a year. The last time she saw her was when she opened her front door to her at the end of Monday’s episode (which was shown on Sunday. Do try to keep up.)

Now any normal person, having been through what Dawn has, would have shut the door again sharpish and phoned for the bizzies. But Dawn’s a bit slower than most, and just stood there with a horrified look on her face. Believe me, things are about to get an awful lot worse than a horrified look, and if you want to find out exactly how much worse, you’ll have to tune in tonight. Wednesday. For an hour.

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  • georgia

    i dont want none of the swan family to die i want may to have a car crash and die i think it will be realy dramatic and a lot of people will enjoy it. i dont want may to die straight away i want her to go into hospital. then dawn and summer go to visit her and unplug something wich will make her die

  • Dee

    Does anyone know why May was shouting Sophie in this episode?? It was just after Mickey chucked her out of the bedroom, she was banging on the door shouting Sophie. If anyone knows please let me know!

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