New Kelsey Grammer comedy Back To You on Channel 4 in a few weeks time


I read this morning that Kelsey Grammer has had a heart attack, but is doing well in hospital. Naturally, I hope he makes a full recovery. Anyone who provides the voice to Sideshow Bob is alright in my book. ‘My book’ also says that Kelsey Grammer has starred in both Cheers and Frasier. The man almost has his own chapter in ‘my book’ (although I thought that Frasier was nothing more than below average, but consistently so, so that’s ok). Anyway, Kelsey Grammer fans will be delighted to hear that he will be back on British screens in his new sitcom Back To You, which starts on Channel 4 in a couple of weeks.

I’ve seen the first ep of Back To You and, in a world where cinema verité-style, edgy sitcoms (The Office, Peep Show, Curb etc etc) are dominating, it struck me as how traditional a show it is. Or was… it’s already been cancelled in the US.

Anyway, the situation in Back To You is that Grammer plays Chuck Darling, a local newsreader who is arrogant, egotistical and womanising. Think Peter Sissons and then add all those qualities I’ve just listed.

Chuck got a job on a national network, but an on-air faux pas got him fired and back in Pittsburgh after 10 years away. He has to team up with his fellow anchor Kelly. They don’t like each other. Blah blah, you can guess the rest.

It’s crushingly average (and it has that American thing where the studio audience laughs REALLY loudly after each joke), so be warned.

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