Gok Wan to tackle men in next series of How To Look Good Naked?


Gok Wan = star. He really is bona fide this chap, and one of the most incredible TV presenters we’ve ever had. Over at our sister site Dollymix they have obviously read the same article in The Guardian as I have. While the redoubtable Dollymixers have highlighted focused on the fact the says that he would never tell anyone they’re too fat I want to draw your attention to something else he said in the interview. Although I’ve marvelled at some of the stories featured on HTLGN, and been more-than-impressed by Gok’s unquenchable optimism, I’ve often thought that it’s a bit formulaic and one-tick-pony, even if that trick is genuinely inspirational. Find out how the show might become a two-trick pony after the jump…

So, Gok has been a busy young man, what with his new show on Channel 4 starting in a couple of weeks’ time. He’s being interviewed all over the shop, and he just sounds like such a whirlwind of energy and fun and positivity in them.

In The Guardian’s interview, he was asked whether he would consider doing a HTLGN for men. He said this:

“Yeah, I want to do it. Really 100 per cent. When they first asked me if I would, I said no, absolutely not, because I didn’t feel confident enough with what I was doing. And I did the show with Kelly and it gave me a completely different confidence in what I did. I thought, you know what, I’ve done it now with a woman who’s been through a huge, huge, massive struggle in her life, and as much as she took all the stuff away from the show, I took away a lot away from her show as well, and I thought, I’m going to give it a go. So next series, I’m going to get guys on the show.”

God for you Gok. I’m so bored with women talking about fashion. It’s always fashion, fashion, fashion. It’s just not fair. Men’s fashion is so BORING in comparison, and ‘ve often thought that Gok would be brilliant with the guys as well. And what’s wrong with inspiring men to improve their looks anyway? It’s about time. Get it going Gok!

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