First Life On Mars USA images released


It’s been on and off like a light switch, but this picture proves that Life On Mars USA is most definitely on. Ally McBeal scribe David E Kelley has penned the US version and the pilot will air out on ABC. Click over the jump for more details.

I then hope the pilot then gets picked up, so we can see it over here too. Colm Meaney (ex-Star Trek) plays the Gene Hunt character and Jason O’Meara is Sam Tyler. I have to say, despite The Sun’s jingoism (basically saying that it doesn’t look a patch on our version) US cop shows in the 1970s are just as fertile grounds (if not more so) to base a time-travelling cop show in than our own. I think it looks great!

Although the pilot has been directed by Kelley, he’s set to hand production and directing duties to other if and when the series gets picked up. US audiences would have seen it earlier but for the writers’ strike. So, it looks as though the pilot will air out in the autumn.

I’m guessing that the real buzz around Colm Meaney’s portrayal of Gene Hunt, the most iconic character and perhaps the most difficult job of the lot. In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Meaney says: “I didn’t see the original show and in fact I just bought the DVDs when I was at the airport yesterday but it’s a David Kelley script so it’s really sharp and people who’ve seen the original show and had read the pilot said it was pretty close. Basically he’s just transposed it to Los Angeles in 1972, so you’re dealing with the attitudes and ideas of LA in the seventies instead of Manchester.”

Let’s wait and see what happens… I have to say I’m excited.

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