TV Reviews: Heroes, BBC Two, Thursday 24 April, 9pm

Heroes. Is. Back. As if you weren’t aware. I’m still actually trying to find someone who doesn’t like Heroes, but it’s proving to be difficult. But anyway, you’re not here to read anything else other than a review of last night’s series two opener. You’d better strap yourself in because it didn’t so much hit the ground running, but hit the ground and sped off into the sunset.

I’ve figured out that the best way to review this episode is to do it by character. It’s easier than just listing what happens in every scene – you would be reading the review equivalent of War and Peace and that’s not going to be good to anyone. So…

1. Claire and the Bennetts Claire and her dad, Bennett, have now turned up in a nondescript Californian town. She’s starting at her new school and her dad gives his Claire Bear a new car. I love you dad. I love you Claire. But there’s serious business to be had here – he drills into her that she MUST NOT draw attention to herself, because the company is still out there. Claire is not very good at not drawing attention to herself. The car is soon nicked, the local cheerleaders take an instant dislike to the new girl (oh, the irony there), and soon a boy starts to show interest in her. A boy who can fly. Bennett meanwhile has taken a job on a paper merchant/shop. He’s hassled by the jumped-up boss all the time. He does not like it. He snaps and quietly threatens this idiot, and tells him that he will work how and when he likes, understood? The manager, with his arm in a lock, nods.

2. Mohinder, Parkman and Molly It seems these three have shacked up since the last series. Mohinder gives a lecture about all the usual genetic stuff, and a man approaches him. He’s from The Company and offers Mohinder a research positions. This man can turn metal into gold. Cool. But Mohinder rings his buddy Matt Parkman to tell him the plan to overturn The Company is starting to take shape. Parkman, meanwhile, is finding work and looking after Molly tough. Molly is having nightmares and drawing weird symbols. She’s scared that something (or someone) bad is coming.

3. Ando and Hiro’s dad The same symbol that Molly is seeing/drawing has turned up on a photograph of Hiro’s dad. While they discuss Hiro, Hiro’s dad opens a newspaper and the photo with himself and the symbol on falls out. Hiro’s dad knows this means he will die very soon. Sure enough, near to the end of the episode he meets with Mrs Petrelli to explain that all their merry band are in trouble (she has a photo of herself and the symbol too). He’s also convinced that one of their gang is the person sending the photographs and, by helping Hiro save the world, he got his redemption. Soon after he’s dead.

4. Hiro Nakamura Aaaah, Hiro. We saw him in Japan at the end of the last episode, and there he was, stopping time to dodge arrows and meeting his hero – Takezo Kensei. Except Takezo Kensei isn’t even Japanese. He’s a drunken English merchant who stayed in Japan to make loads of money. Turns out that this ‘Takezo Kensei’ is a proper chancer, and has already fleeced a village of all its money and honour. Hiro is ever so disappointed - he’s not like he was in the books. This was a great little story. You can see it panning out now - Hiro saves the village, falls in love with the swordsmith’s daughter and restores the dignity of his hero. Well, let’s hope he does. I love Hiro.

5. Maya and Alejandro Herrera Two new characters. We saw them fairly early on, and they were on the run for murder in Honduras. They’re determined to get to America, and meet Dr Chandra Suresh. Something is not quite right with them and soon we find out – when they’re picked up by a posse of the usual swarthy, oily and menacing South American gringo stereotypes we always see in films and TV, and these said oily and menacing gringos start to crack onto Maya, all hell breaks loose. The whole lorry-load (and the other illegal immigrants in the back) end up dead… with black shit coming out of their eyes.

6. The Petrellis The last time we saw Peter and Nathan they were speeding up into the air and exploding. Or were they? Nathan now has a beard (is that what extreme radiation does to you?) and is drunk all the time. He misses Peter. But wait! The last scene of the episode sees a dazed and confused (and tied up) Peter found in a storage container by a gang of thieves… in Ireland.

So there we have it. We’re into it like Flynn already. Loads of stuff happening and loads of questions – where’s Sylar? Who is the big bad thing that Molly is dreaming of? Why is Peter in Ireland? Will Hiro save the day in ancient Japan? Will Claire and the flying boy get it on? Is Flying Boy to be trusted? Will Nathan have a shave?

Loving it already.

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