ITV4 picks up monster drama Sanctuary from web


Ages ago I told you about a sci-fi drama that was being exclusively shown on its own website. The show, Sanctuary, featured popular Stargate SG1 star Amanda Tapping as Dr Helen Magnus, a 157-year-old physician who studies monster (nice work if you can get it). Nothing too remarkable about that premise, but Sanctuary does boast some impressive firsts – it was the world’s first high-definition web-only series, and it was also the first TV series to use live-action actors shot almost entirely on green-screen sets. With such pedigree in front and behind the camera, it’s no surprise to hear that it has been snapped up by a conventional TV channel.

The channel in question is ITV4. Which is weird, because I thought ITV4… actually I have no idea what ITV4 is for. I know ITV2 is a younger, hipper version of ITV1, and I know that ITV3 is for repeats and dramas targeting an older demographic. But ITV4? Haven’t got a clue. In fact, I’m surprised the network hasn’t plonked this alongside Supernatural.

Anyway, back to the plot. Dr Magnus is on a mission to finish her father’s work and unlock secrets behind human evolution using science, medicine and her knowledge of the supernatural. She became tangled up in stormy relationship with a time-travelling murderer (men, eh?) and now has a daughter, who helps her in her investigations. Because of the time-travelling nature, it has an agreeably gothic/Victorian edge to it.

For fans of Stargate, and Tapping in particular (there are many), this will be one to watch out for.

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