Top Gear’s Richard Hammond to get Channel 4 chatshow?

I can’t stand Richard Hammond. I hate wacky, zany people. His newest haircut makes him look like someone falling down a mineshaft… however, because he’s so small, he’s floating as opposed to plummeting. That said, loads of people love him… some even fancy him (in fairness, any young girls could have him and pair him up with their Polly Pocket toys or make him play in the Sylvanian Families house). So, being the consumate pro (ha!), I’ll tell all you fans that you might be getting more Hammond for your buck.

Rumour has it that the Top Gear presenter is to shoot a pilot for a possible replacement for Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan Channel 4′s teatime show later this month (read here if you didn’t know they were quitting). The Hammond show is the only chatshow currently being considered as a replacement for Richard & Judy in Channel 4′s 5pm weekday slot.

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