Interview with Dawn Porter (who Get’s Naked on BBC Three tonight)


Dawn Porter is either brave or daft. Chances are, like most writers, she a bit of both. We’ve seen her in Super Skinny Me, as well as appearing with Gok Wan on How To Look Good Naked… and now, she’s showing us four documentary films about lesbianism, her naked body, pregnancy and much more. It seems that nothing is off limits for Dawn.

Seeing as the first documentary of hers on showing tonight, it seems like the perfect time to catch up with her and see what’s going down. Remember folks. Dawn Goes Naked BBC Three, Tonight, 9pm. Now, let’s go over the jump together and see what she has to say.

We seen you causing trouble in Balls of Steel, almost vanishing to a size zero in Super Slim Me, showing how loads of beauty products are rubbish on How to Look Good Naked… and now, a series of docs that see you go naked and lesbian amongst other things…

I guess I have never been one to shy away when a point has to be made. Being able to mix that with being a total girl and talking about make-up, diets, babies and sex is just a treat of a position to be in…

In Dawn Gets Naked (BBC Three, Tonight, 9pm) is it true that you that you host a naked flashmob in central London?

Yes, I hired an open top bus and one lucky man had the task of driving it around all day. I say he was lucky because the bus was full of women in various states of undress. It was a hot, we caused a riot that day!

In the ‘Naked’ show, you also get airbrushed. How was it seeing yourself in that way? Did you feel like you wanted to hate it because it pushes the unreachable image of women set by the fashion industry or did you just give in and think ‘wow’?

Of course I did. I looked amazing after I had been airbrushed, anyone would. But the issue is, is that it wasn’t me. They had taken my moles away, swapped my eyes over, reshaped my nose and stretched my neck. The image was recognizable as me but it wasn’t true. I am not against airbrushing, and I totally agree that photos in magazines are art, and that they should be made to look the best they can be. I am all up for evening out skin tone and making hair a bit shinier. But total reformation of a head and body is weird. My point was not to be angry about it and try to stop it, just to make normal people aware of it so they don’t compare themselves to a computer generated image…

What exactly does Dawn Goes Lesbian entail? Surely you didn’t go the whole hog just for TV?

Certainly not! I have had sexual experiences with girls before, and am quite open about it. In Dawn Gets Lesbian, I was looking to see if I could find an emotional connection with a women, that was beyond friendship and not about sex. Not wanting to give too much away, but I proved that I could in the end! It is also a fascinating look into female sexuality. It is very very bold, and I was the most open in this film than I have been in any of the others.

You’ve also shot Dawn Gets A Baby. What did you make of the girls who are “too posh to push”?

Everyone’s childbirth experience is different. It is a terrifying prospect and people have the right to chose how they want to give birth. All I think is important, is that the baby gets out OK, and the mother goes through as little stress as possible. I LOVED making this documentary, it is very candid, but really sweet.

You’ve done some pretty extreme shows… is anything off-limits for you?

Is anything really off limits for me? Um…I wouldn’t kill anyone just for TV…hahaha… even though I pick quite sexual subjects, I have limits on how far I would go on TV. After writing my very naughty book, Diaries of an Internet Lover, I think I got away with it once, but I don’t like to go on too much about sexy stuff. I think people get bored of it quickly, and also, no-one really wants to hear the intricate details of someones sexual activities over and over again…but apart from that, if a subject genuinely interests me, then I am there!

Have you any plans to make a series from your book, Diaries of an Internet Lover?

I am in talks about this at the moment…watch this space.

After this four parter, what’s next?

I am living in LA at the moment, making a series of four docs for Channel 4. I will be living as different sorts of wives around the world. one as a Mormon wife, one in a Polyamourous sect, one as a Geisha and one will see me going through the process of being a mail order bride in Russia….to be aired in June.

Dawn Porter Get’s Naked, Tonight, BBC Three, 9pm

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