TV Review: Supersize vs Superskinny, Channel 4, Tuesday 22 January, 8pm

Tomorrow night sees the start of Channel 4’s Supersize vs Superskinny documentary which follows two girls swapping diets, Dr. Gillian McKeith complaining about the UK’s fat bums, and one journalist trying to lose weight by just eating apples. Apparently neither one of the women who swapped eating habits on the show suffers from an eating disorder. Even though Sandra admitting that part of her over eating was due to her son dying or that, in her opinion, eating food is like “getting a hug from the inside” she does not have an eating disorder. Likewise, despite the fact that Tatiana is so underweight that her health is in danger, I was assured that there were no women with eating disorders on the show. Therefore, if any of the viewers are concerned for the women’s health, as I was, fear not as I was assured that they were both psychologically evaluated before and during this program, and had no signs of disordered eating.

Gillian McKeith tries to whip the women of Britian in to shape by getting numerous women to flash their ample bums on camera and straddle horse riding simulators. The horse riding simulators are supposed to help you lose two inches off your bum, and I suppose this is as scientific as McKeith is allowed to get these days. (And no, she didn’t ask the women to poop in some tupperware so she could analyze it.)

Aside from watching McKeith scream at women’s flabby bums for being too big, my favorite bit of the show was watching Anna Richardson, a journalist, try to lose weight by eating apples. She’s absolutely hilarious, and might I point out, absolutely stunning. At a size 14, she’s gorgeous and has a lively, vivacious personality. Richardson admits that she hasn’t weighed herself in 7 years, and underestimates her weight by a stone. She consults an ex model who advised her to eat nothing but apples for a week, as that’s what all the models used to do. But while Richardson is hilarious, she revealed a darker side of the modeling industry by when she spoke to a different former catwalk model who said that at certain fashion weeks, she would see certain models “shit themselves” because they were abusing laxatives to lose weight. Glamorous, no?

At the end of this documentary, we’re given the final reveal of Sandra and Tatiana. Will they have lost weight after three months of following a healthy eating plan? What else will Anna do to try and lose weight? And, most importantly, how many inches with Gillian’s big bottomed ladies have lost? Stay tuned to find out!

Supersize vs Superskinny airs Tuesdays on Channel 4 at 8pm, starting on 22 January

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