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Eggheads – Why?

By mofgimmers on December 12th, 2007 39 comments


Like anyone, I love a good quiz show. In fact, I love a bad quiz show as well. Sitting idly on your rump answering a few questions is a hobby that is hard to beat. Why anyone would humiliate themselves by going on a show is beyond me as I’m happy to be a coward and answer only the questions I know… or take random stabs at others without fear of national red-cheekery.

However, there is one show that I repeatedly tune in to that drives me insane… and that’s Eggheads (BBC Two, most afternoons at various times). It features some of the best quizzers in the world… and also, some of the most unbearable smuggery ever witnessed on TV.

Update: Story on the newest Egghead, Barry

The quiz champions who compete on the show are Kevin Ashman (winner of British Quiz Championship, European Quiz Championship, World Quizzing Championships, Fifteen to One, Mastermind, Brain of Britain and Mind Sports Olympiad), CJ De Mooi (winner of BrainTeaser, 100%, The Weakest Link and Mensa chess champion), Daphne Fowler (winner of Fifteen to One, Brain of Britain and Going for Gold), Chris Hughes (winner of Mastermind, International Mastermind and Brain of Britain) and Judith Keppel (first British winner of one million pounds on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?). An impressive list eh? Are they humbled by their success? Are they fu…

Looking at each Egghead in turn, you begin to understand why the show is so good at making anger. Kevin Ashman, with his haircut of a mass murderer is a dour bugger who really needs to cheer up. I have never seen him smile. If he did, the sky might crack and flood blood. CJ De Mooi is a rare one. Although I fear he may be harshly edited on the show, he doesn’t help himself by wincing and pursing his lips everytime a contestant answers a question. He’s got a shed at home where he keeps his superfluous smugness.

Daphne is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. On the surface of things, she looks like a nice lady. She also looks like she really wants everyone to win some money. However, catch her in a wide angled shot and you’ll see peevish little looks when things go against her and her team. Chris Hughes is a mountain of smug. He’s an amazing man. Like the others, there is no doubting his great knowledge, but by God, you don’t have to ram it down our throats you great dolt! What he has in general knowledge, he lacks in people skills. Then we’ve got wonky mouthed Judith Keppel who, for all the world looks like someone who has been plonked on the show thanks to her celebrity status (after …Millionaire) and is completely resented by the rest of the Eggs.

Once you get over the incredibly annoying Eggs and sidestep your fury, you begin to notice the questions. When it comes down to it, at crucial moments in the game (be it a sudden death play-off thing), the Eggheads’ get mind numbingly easy questions. Some pub team from Rotherham get a question like “How many matches have been played in professional football since time began… as this is sudden death, you won’t get the options…”. Then the Eggheads will get “Who was Prime Minister in 1964?” You may not know the answer, but a regular quizzer laps that stuff up. I’m not even going into those giant screens behind each team that makes you feel like you’re watching some giants quizzing with dwarves. In short, I keep watching this show thanks to some unkind scheduling… but the fact remains… I WANT AN INQUEST (that, or a life would do me nicely).

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  • Orla

    Absolutely spot on, on all counts.

    The Eggheads’ smugness is the most striking (and infuriating) aspect of this show. thankfully, it does have you siding with the contestants wholeheartedly, but since they appear to have nothing near a fighting chance with the questions it only breeds frustration.

    I hate Daphne’s sweet old lady smile, you just know it’s all bollocks. (excuse my language)

  • whodini

    My bloke plays a lot of quizzes and met a team who went on Eggheads – they lost…but did comment on the eggheads. CJ is indeed a t**t – he tends to lose his rag when things aren’t going his way; Chris too is a t**t; the only egghead who greated the team on their arrival was Daphne – so she REALLY is nice!! Shame about the others…but remember also CJ is an ex model – how many nice models do you know?

  • Smartarse

    I think you’re all wrong.. Judith is getting all her answers lately and some tough questions so don’t sleep so much when it’s on because she is good. Daf well she’s the star of the show but I sometimes think she is a bit smug. Kev is the star and everyone loves Kev he’s ace and the train spotter is good unless it’s entertainment; he does know some weird stuff. So all go to the bottom of the class and be nice in future about the eggheads..we all watch it because it’s great.. also presenter does a good job.. leave him alone.

  • mick

    i think this is a really entertaining show. i can only imagine what the eggheads get up to backstage. daphne rimming chris, while judith bums cj with a strap on as kevin indulges in a coke fuelled wank.

  • michael

    Totally agree with you this game is rigged , and i should know im a former contestant.

  • Chris Bennett

    I quite enjoy Eggheads – but well aware of the little quirks – Kevin quite blase and humourless and looks bemused when he gets it wrong (are you quite sure of that ?). Daphne’s hesitant answers when she knows full well she is right. Chris’ expression when he states what is positively the correct answer, turns out to be wrong. See above brackets. CJ’s casting his eyes to the sky when a challenger gets it wrong. How can anyone possibly be so stupid ?. Judith’s pursed lips and ladylike diction (oh Lordy !) and Dermot never loses an opportunity to remind everyone how rich she is with her villa in France.
    Apart from all that I can live with the quirks and find it quite viewable.

  • Lottie

    Oh Michael who thinks it’s rigged – please do tell!
    Or were you forced to sign the official secrets act?

    I’ve just witnessed another compelling episode of Smugheads…
    CJ lost it several times throwing his toys out the pram, nodding violently just to let everyone know he really did know the answer even though the question wasn’t his (reminds me of an annoying child in class who won’t let anyone else have a turn) and showing everyone his new veneers multiple times in apparent agony.
    He’s going to need Botox soon because of the lines he’s causing on his forehead.

    Odd that once it got to the final when just he and Kevin remained, he seemed to lose all his confidence/arrogance and didn’t know a single answer – Kevin told him what to say.

    And how many times have I witnessed Judith totally write off what would be the correct answer only to suddenly declare that as her choice! It’s as if there is a voice from the gods (gallery?) telling her to backtrack.

    So Judith, what grows on a tree and was once reputed to fall on a famous person’s head? Orange, Apple or Carrot?

    Judith…well it’s not apple I’m ABSOLUTELY sure of that because I get mine from Waitrose, not trees. Carrots don’t grow on trees so it can’t POSSIBLY be that (says she with wrinkled nose).

    Just as you’re clutching yourself with delight, thinking she’s going to say Orange, she comes up with “I don’t think it’s Orange, so I’m going for Apple.

    where the hell did that come from????

    Poor chris, I do feel sorry for him sometimes.
    Kevin is definitely an Alien and Daphne? Well….
    Sly….very sly….

    Yes it’s rigged….
    I just hope I find out how, before my elderly father becomes totally apoplectic over it all!

  • cj de bearpark

    cj a model? What for? Haircuts that people really should never have or shirts that most people burnt when Wham died? Wham might not be technically dead but in my eyes they are.

  • Freya

    I agree with everything said in that article! The only person that seems relatively humble to any extent is Judith although even she has her moments when she says something like “I am not included in this answer” when the Eggheads give an answer during the final round, as though her honour would be at stake should it (shock, horror) actually be wrong, only for it to turn out to be right and for her to look thoroughly surprised. CJ really gets to me, he doesn’t even try to hide his arrogance at all. He wants everyone to know when he knows the answer and I can hardly believe he was a model for five years, he looks god awful! What are those plucked eyebrows about!?
    Daphne – well I thought just like everyone else did that she was merely a sweet little woman, but then you see that smugness sweep across her face as the lets the facade slips away in the heat of the moment.
    I also agree that the show is rigged. I often think the eggheads get incredibly simple questions whilst the challengers get ridiculously hard ones in comparison. It is also true that they often pick the correct answer seemingly randomly after dismissing it originally.
    I actually like Jeremy even though lots of people say he is not as good as Dermot (who I also like), but I think Jeremy knows all the Eggheads are annoying little sh***s and stands up for the challengers.
    The other day I watched one and I thought CJ had a serious problem with Daphne too, anyone know more about that?

  • Bee

    Yes general smuggedness all round from the Eggheads but can I just say…I am constantly astounded by the stupidity of some of the challengers. Especially as they often begin their answer with ‘well, Music isn’t really my strong point…’ No? Well why on earth are you here then doing the music round??? I think the Egghead’s smugness gets fueled by constantly hearing ‘it’ll have to be a complete guess’… if you don’t KNOW the answer, challengers, surely you can bluff a bit of cleverness to throw the Eggheads off the scent.

  • Dave Cooper

    I think I could quite confidently sign up Daphne to my horseracing tipping scam. Iv’e never seen an individual guess correctly on so many occasions. Who’s gonna win the National Daphne ?

  • bob

    why did cj leave eggheads

  • Mike Heard

    So it’s CJ that’s gone then – he might be right smug + arrogant but it won’t be the same without him – no-one to moan about!Did he jump or was he pushed?
    Great show though – one of the few that I go out of my way to watch – possibly is rigged but I hope not – Eggheads do get some easy questions when they need to catch up.

  • cj smughead

    I read an article last week in the Guardian magazine that was attacking CJ de Peacock like all of us about his peacock smugness, that was probably one of the many reasons that his sacked from the show. I personally was expecting Judith Keppel (Frankenstein’s bride ) to be sacked but. Well CJ love him or hate him, was the most interesting figure of this show. I am sure many will miss him.

  • Edington

    Yes, why has CJ left ‘Bigheads’?

    I’m ashamed to say I dislike CJ with a passion.

    …..he’s got to be a cross dresser with all those mannerisms & carefully shaped eyebrows.

    As far as being a ‘model’………….NO WAY!

    The team of young challengers really whipped the ‘Bigheads’s arses a couple of evenings ago……just CJ & Kev left in the end and they lost, they lost, they lost, they lost, they lost!!!

    Deep joy.

  • cochen

    (I have followed Eggheads for years and I really love it. The team is clever and well-read but of course English viewers cannot stand that – a good education is not something to boast about is it. Thank goodness I’m Welsh – we have a healthy regard for clever people.

  • steve grimes

    CJ was so cool he may have been smug but when he didnt know an answer at least he was honest about it

    im quite fancy Judith, i know she is getting on but i get the impression she could be quite dirty

    i want to take barry the new head out side and f***ing crack him one, i hate his f***ing speech impedimant and his gormless continuing grinning he is also too big for his boots. i wouldnt trust him to look after my kids

    he make kevin look normal

  • Phil

    I like clever and well-read people, and I’m English and have no problems with any of the Eggheads. I like them all, even CJ, who hasn’t left the team.

  • Phil Edgar

    While the Eggshead can be smug. Every single one of them is humble in theire own way, as this is the only way you can learn. Ignorance and arrogance go hand in hand so only fools are truly arrogant. As they are unwilling to learn or listen to anything.

    I suggest people who don’t like the Eggheads- buy a book, open the pages and read it. Instead of being jealous of people who aren’t like yourselves.

    People were so quick to believe CJ was sacked. What bitter, horrible, hasty, ignorant people they are.

    On that note C.J is still a big head and he is bossed eyed, so is Daphne. As for Barry’s eyes, whats going on there?

  • Anita van Caubergh

    It doesn’t matter what other people think or say about “my”eggheads, my husband and I love them and we don’t think they are smug, and I believe that the people who don’t like them are just plain jealous and can’t stand people who know things and I suggest that they stop watching the show, we will keep on watching and cheering on the eggheads, greetz, Anita from Holland

  • http://Laura Lora

    Eggheads is so addictive….my favourite quiz…long may it reign !

  • Neil Palin

    I also like clever & well read people. The difference between the ones I know is that they are also very witty and do not possess the personalty of a caravan site in Towyn.


  • Lindsey

    It is actually Daphne that has left.

  • Paley

    I have just bought an advent calendar from Woolies and all the windows are boarded up. No wonder it was half-priced.


  • Maggie

    I just love this show and all the eggheads. Wish people would stop being so negative about it. If they don`t like it ,then don`t watch , and let the rest of us enjoy!!!

  • Andrew

    The show is strangely addictive, despite the unquestionable annoyingness of all the Eggheads with the one exception of Judith, who just oozes class and sophistication with a large dose of sexiness thrown in for good measure. She also seems the only one who actually seems to be enjoying herself, regardless of whether she gets her questions right or wrong. When I get to rule the world, Judith will have her own show and it will be one hour long instead of 30 minutes.

  • Nadine

    What? CJ leaves, I am very disappointed!!! He was the best of the lot. Luckily New Zealand is a bit behind, so can for a bit longer. When it is caught up I won’t be watching it anymore. Hopefully he comes back onto some bigger, brighter and better. Yes, CJ was a former model and still has his good looks. He is what the show needed. I enjoyed watching his personality grow.

  • Dave

    I am gratified to see I’m not the only one who gets so annoyed by this show. Not because of the fact that the questions seem outrageously loaded in favour of the eggs but because of the poncing, posing and preening of that colossal [post moderated] CJ. I haven’t been counting but i would say he loses at least as much as any of the others but even when he’s in the stupid box because he’s so thick you can see him making a great grimace and a show of knowing the answers and then he’s all pleased when the others get it right or rolls his eyes when they don’t.
    An utter muppet who has clearly been listening to his own agent’s publicity. [post moderated].

  • Tony

    The programme is totaly ruined by the antics of Daphne with her face pulling, shows of pleasure when opposing teams get it wrong etc. She should remember that opponents are ordinary people who hold down jobs and enjoy quizzing as a hobby, not full time professionals who spend hours per day learning lists of facts. Try a little humility Daphne!

  • verkaforever

    I just wanted to say how much I LOVED your description of Judith as “Frankenstein’s bride”. Nice to know I’m not the only one who hates her. Here’s hoping her DISGRACEFUL offer to get her top off tonight will get her sacked.

  • http://Franco1985 Francesca

    Of course its rigged. On Wednesday I think it was the challengers were going along nicely until the third go at sudden death in the final when they got something like whats the chemical formula of polyvinylchloride and the Eggheads got something like whats the capital of Germany.

    Chris is a sore loser. You can tell from the scowl that you briefly see before he grunts. Daphne, I’m convinced cheats, probably by getting the answers through her mike. I don’t think she’s a sweet old lady, I have an overwhelming urge to hide behind the couch when I see those teeth like Red Riding Hood’s granny. I love it when she shakes her head pityingly, then the challenger is right!

    Also I don’t believe there are two sets of questions. I’ll have money on the card being marked “team” and “challengers” so it doesn’t matter who goes first or second you’re going to get the same questions anyway. Plus I expect an emergency impossible to answer one, when the challengers are doing too well.

  • Michelle

    I used to really enjoy eggheads I liked to come home from work unwind with a cup of tea and watch what was an entertaining program. Now all it does is induce murderous thoughts about CJ, I am sick to death of his pouting petulant face, his lack of teams-man ship and general aggressive behaviour. I am of the opinion now that the whole thing is fixed. My only light relief is when Jeremy Vine winds CJ up – he does it so well!

  • http://[email protected] madge

    i really used to enjoy eggheads but cj and daphne have ruined the show for me they are smug and in my opinion the bbc should take them off the show before viewers switch off in their hundreds

  • http://[email protected] Maisie

    my favourite egghead is Kevin. His general knowledge is vast but he seems level headed compared to the others. He is honest when he does not know the answer and does not show off when he does. He does not posture or roll hie eyes when someone gives the wrong answer. Well done Kevin a real “good egg”!

  • http://[email protected] Lindy

    Blimey. WHat a bunch of critical know alls, posting a load of comments that seem to be based on the “tall poppy syndrome”. Ever heard of that?? Go check it out…google is your friend.

    Judith, you ROCK!!!

  • Ross

    You people are beyond moronic. It is an ENTERTAINMENT show, hence why CJ plays up to the spotlight. You are all completely inept at observations if you think Chris, of all people, is smug. They are told to waffle on and add extra information to DRAW OUT THE PROGRAMME, otherwise it would be over in 15 MINUTES.

    They can’t just always say one word answers, for the aforementioned reason and also because the programme would be exceptionally boring.

    As for thinking it is rigged, that is just ridiculous. Some of the questions they get in the final round and indeed in every other round are so obscure is obscene. The contestants also get easy questions too at inconvenient times, but people don’t harp on about that when the Eggheads are defeated.

    There is so much jealousy here it is unreal, especially from bitter past contestants (who no doubt smiled and respected the Eggheads before running here to talk behind their backs)

    Get a bloody life and watch the entertainment.

  • Ross

    Also, there is no need to “rig” it as the shows are all recorded during daily sessions and the ratings remain the same throughout the seasons regardless of how much money is up for grabs (don’t believe me, go check the data). The big wins obviously draw viewers, but so do interesting teams, more-so infact. (Again, based on the actual ratings data)

  • Linda

    I live watching Eggheads!! I enjoy the varied personality traits and allow them the same understanding, respect and tolerence I would show them if I met them in person, rather than just meeting their show biz persona. Judith is my favourite , not only does she lose with dignity but I like her adherence to fashion styles, jewellery etc that she feels comfortable in.

  • Craig

    CJ is a transvestite. That’s why he plucks his eye brows the way he does. I also know someone who claims to be his ex-boyfriend. He said he doesn’t look so smug with a 9 incher up his arse.

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