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Set The Video – Love Trap, Channel 4, Wednesday, 10pm

By mofgimmers on November 5th, 2007 9 comments

lovetrap-carolina.jpgChannel 4 puzzle me sometimes. They can come up with mindfrying programmes like Britz that engage and generate fiery discussion (see the comments on the Britz articles here and here) as well as, on the flipside, creating absolute TV toilet like You Are What You Eat. I’m guessing that their newest show, Love Trap (Channel 4, Wednesday, 10pm) is in the same camp as the latter.

So what is Love Trap? No, it’s not show that is centred on a pit of genitals with teeth which hapless victims fall into but rather, a quest to find who the most romantic men on earth are. I’d bet that the simple answer to this quest lies in looking for people who aren’t morons. Anyway, this show delves into the murky world of the casanova and his mating rituals as men of different nationalities aim to woo a Swedish girl.

Five men who fancy their chances from across the world have been brought to London to sweep Carolina, a 24-year-old single girl from Sweden, off her feet. Through our fingers, we’ll see an Italian, a German, an Australian, a Ugandan and a Brit pulling out all the moves and going on a charm offensive. In fact, offensive might just be the key here. The men don’t know about one another with each deeming himself special enough to warrant his own show.

As is par for the course with shows like this, we’ll see what these preposterous fools get up to via hidden cameras and set-up scenarios. Of course, we’ll all get to hop around ranting and raving about national stereotypes. Naturally, this will see the Brit blokes shouting “SEE?! I TOLD YOU ITALIAN MEN ARE ALL SLIMY! before mewing “That’s not fair… not all of us Brits are like that prick!” Ah, the joy of being a hypocrite…

To catch these randy buggers out, they’ll face challenges that include dealing with a 6ft 6in love rival, dodgy cab drivers, a street mugger, naked saunas, and honey trap girls. Of course, this is exactly the same as the course of real and true love. Naturally, the stereotypes are under the microscope… but aren’t we forgetting someone? Are we to hope that the Swedish girl will be sexually mature, adventurous and game for a gang-bang? Oh hang on, that’s sexist isn’t it? Men… we’ve only got one thing on our minds eh?

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  • stephanie ellitts

    hello i couldnt believe it last night when i turned over
    the tv and i saw the blond girl i nearly died with shock she just looks like me i carry a bit more weight than her but our faces are the same is she really from sweden

  • kris newton

    duh of course she is like seriously she wudnt be speakin with a retard lisp if she wasnt …DUMBASSSSSSSS

  • shinel Crichlow

    Oh my Gooosh I cant believe the date from Africa has a girlfriend. He is soooo Annoying his always incontrol. He derserves to be dumped but he is the most entertaining.

  • juan

    This is a really entertaining programme. I hope there’s another series!

  • lizzy

    oh my god- i cant believe i actually got addicted to this show!! and the most surprise was that she went for a brit after all! personally it was a toss up between the brit and the italian! And sont so many men fall into all those categories?

  • Jet

    Omg, the Brit totally deserved it! He was so sweet! And I guess it helped that he was hotttt! I was totally addicted to that show, I’m quite sad its over. They should show what happened after it finished.

  • Nick Hayes

    You f*****g idiopts of course she went for the brit you stupid d*** britzs ARE THE BEST……………………………………

  • ???

    hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthily awkward. good stuff

  • Headache

    The Australian was awful. He was so yucky. I was backing into the settee watching him getting close to Carolina and not realising she was enjoying it.

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