Kate Humble likes to get her kit off outdoors

Once, in an article about Autumnwatch, the candidly named Creepy Lesbo commented “Oh, Kate Humble… *sighs* She has lovely legs in jeans.” Well Creepy, you’re luck is in as ‘Butter wouldn’t melt’ Humble has revealed that she like nothing better than getting naked outdoors.

She told The Sun: “One of life’s great joys is dancing naked in the sun. It makes me feel so good. Even now, there are all sorts of places in the world where you can take your clothes off and not be seen.” I can already hear the panting of the paparazzi from here. Of course, Humble fans will already be aware of her… charms… as she appeared in the nip while starring in The Secret Life of Ian Fleming in 1990 (click here to see for yourself… it’s not safe for work mind you) as well as derobing in 2001 as Kate and her fellow presenters appeared naked in a report from Wreck Beach in Vancouver as part of the audience suggestions in the BBC’s Holiday – “You Call The Shots”. Bloody pervs!

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