X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue in pre-show fight

John has already reported on Sharon Osbourne’s promise, sorry threat to quit The X Factor after two of her acts found themselves the most unloved by the voting public. But now news is surfacing that Sharon’s tardiness made another appearance, this time off screen and all for the benefit of fellow judge Dannii Minogue. Reports claim that Sharon burst in on Dannii in her dressing room before filming of Saturday night’s first live show, leaving the Aussie pop princess in floods of tears. But what caused this outburst?

A source claims: “Dannii was crying so badly she had to have her make-up re-done three times. All of Sharon’s frustrations came out. Dannii tried to keep calm but there’s not much you can do when Sharon is at full throttle. She’s been jealous of Dannii getting all the attention and publicity ever since she was brought on to the show.” Another witness adds: “Sharon was in her dressing gown and stormed into Dannii’s dressing room, accusing her of saying things about her. Dannii denied it and the row just escalated. Dannii was in tears.” Show officials are trying to downplay the incident, but it looks like it’s the judges enjoying the X Factor spotlight, rather than the contestants. Again.

[via Digital Spy and The Sun]

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