Sky News apologises for presenter Julie Etchingham’s Tory Party jibe

Are female TV news presenters so entirely bored and underwhelmed by their duties reading the stuff that they’re trying to hit the headlines themselves? So you might think after Fiona Bruce and Emily Maitlis created headlines after vamping it up with their suggestive short skirts and lewd leg-crossing and now, not to be outdone, Sky News presenter Julie Etchingham has caused her own mini-story. Soon to swap Sky for a spot next to Sir Trevor McDonald on the returning News at Ten, Julie’s onscreen aside to the camera during a speech by Conservative Party leader David Cameron has had the station apologising.

Discussing his party’s new policy to control immigration, Cameron said: “Let me outline the action that a Conservative government would take. As we have seen, some of the increase in population size results from natural change – birth rates, death rates. Here our policy should be obvious… ” Etchingham promptly finished his sentence for him, musing “extermination.” This comment has already prompted a response from Sky News, who were quick to issue the following apology: “A comment was made in the studio during David Cameron’s speech that was broadcast in error. The comment was not intended for broadcast. The off-the-cuff remark was regrettable.” Not to worry too much though Sky News, she’ll soon be ITV’s problem.

[via Broadcast Now]

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