Official: Justin Lee Collins is Britain’s Funniest Man

Or, at least, official if you listen to the readers of Loaded magazine, and quite frankly I’d rather not. I always find it very strange when you realise that a person/group/thing you assumed is universally disliked, is actually loved by a group of people you just don’t have that much contact with. It always catches me out when people say – seriously mind – that they love James Blunt, or someone similar. I’m so used to him being a figure of fun, that the idea that he’s actually massively popular is pretty much incomprehensible.

Anyway, JLC has indeed been voted the funniest man in Loaded’s yearly Lafta awards, and he and Alan Carr are apparently the funniest double act. More encouragingly, The Mighty Boosh came out as the funniest TV show (that’s another confusing thing, actually, that the Boosh are as popular with Soccer AM viewer as Hoxton trendies…) and Green Wing’s Michelle Gomez the funniest woman. [via BBC News]

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