Jon Stewart committed to The Daily Show until 2010

You know when you sit around late at night, and set the world to rights? Well, when such conversations crop up (as they inevitably do) I habitually witter on about how I think Jon Stewart should be America’s next president. He’s smart (an unfair advantage over the current occupier of the oval office), responsible, charming, liberal – you’ve guessed it, I like him. And so news that he has signed a two year contract extension for his programme The Daily Show is both welcome (yeay! more onscreen goodness) and annoying (he can’t be president yet, boo!)

The extension sees Stewart commit to the Comedy Central show until 2010 and he seems pretty excited at the prospect: “I love doing the show. I feel like I work for the best in the business.” enthused Stewart. “I look forward to using this extension to have great fun at President [Stephen] Colbert’s expense.” Colleague Colbert announced plans to run for the presidency on Tuesday – though only in South Carolina.

[via TV Guide]

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