Horrible Histories children’s books set for small screen


I’ve never read any of the Horrible Histories books. Maybe because I’m in my twenties and should be too mature for children’s books or because I’m sooo clever that I don’t need to be educated on the kings of England or the Great Fire of London. Either way, they always look very fun and I’m sure my kids (whenever I choose to have any) will be subjected to mummy reading them in silly voices before they hit the hay. But enough of that, as the popular book series will soon be made into a live action television series by UK production company Lion Television.

Scripts from author Terry Dreary are said to be in the process of development with production gearing up for 2008. Scholastic UK, the publishers behind the kiddy literature phenomenon, is excited at the prospect of their creations hitting the small screen with Lisa Edwards, their editorial director explaining: “Following the hugely successful re-launch of the books this year, the TV show will be a great addition to the perennially popular Horrible Histories property.” Will this transfer see book sales plummet or will young fans of the show be interested enough to refer back to the source material?

[via Licensing.biz]

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