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Alan Titchmarsh throws John McCririck off his show… a nation cheers

By ShinyMedia on September 20th, 2007 5 comments

alan.jpgThere are few televsion ‘personalities’ who are more objectionable than John McCririck. Even if his chauvinistic schtick were post-modern irony – which it clearly isn’t – he would still be just as objectionable. Possibly more so. So the idea of Alan Titchmarsh, the mild-mannered gardner from God’s own county (yes, I may be a Yorkshire lass myself), kicking him off his ITV chat-show is just too brilliant for words.

Apparently, McCririck was appearing on the same show as Ingrid Tarrant, and was constantly attacking her for how she has acted since she and Chris split up. He said: “You had a cheek to say that he smelt of vindaloo and fish and chips in bed, what’s wrong with that? You’re such a ghastly woman, you put a tracker on him.” Clearly, Ingrid wasn’t too happy with this, but it was the following statement which made Titchmarsh kick him off the show: “You can’t be any good in bed, that’s why he strayed away.” Yup, I reckon he made the right decision. [via DS]

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  • Henri B

    ….we NEED people like JMc to appear on chat shows like this Anna — so we can watch something less than super-bland and you can have something to write about.

    I expect if you’d been alive when Grace Jones took a swing at Russell Harty (classic TV moment) you would have tut-tutted and penned a letter to the The Daily Mail. Yes, Russell Harty, Anna, heard of him? Had a chat show. Sort of camp and used to do arts documentaries. No? Forget it…..

  • lesleythomson

    Its about time someone stood up to rude people on tv. I watched the programme in question and was fizzing with anger at jmc’s comments to ingrid. No one deserves to be spoken to like that especially when all he had to go on was hearsay,either that or he spent a long time hiding in their wardrobe.

  • David Hughes

    The Alan Titchmarsh show was a typical piece of feminist censorship. He allowed the two women to have a go at John McCririck and, he not being a sycophantic git like Titchmarsh, answered back. The women were equally as insulting as McCririck but Titchmarsh was content to overlook their rude and insulting behaviour.
    Titchmarsh showed how incapable he is as a fair presenter. He’d do better to stick to gardening!

  • james w

    david Hughes is a tosser.

  • wesley cracknell

    GET OFF!!!

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