TV Review: Dexter, FX, Sunday 19 August, 10pm

Last night’s episode saw Angel and Debra arrest the suspected ice truck killer – but have they got the right guy we wonder? If you are lucky enough to have seen all of season one, and can smugly nod or shake your head on reading this question – please can I ask that you don’t give the game away and reveal what happens next. For those of us new to the Dexter experience, every instalment is a new toy to be loved with and cherished and last night’s episode was no different.

Having pieced together some initially rather incidental information, Angel and Debra found someone who could be the ice truck killer, Neil Perry. He had the right car. He had photographs of the corpses, oh and they caught him mid-murder. Finding a young woman bound and gagged to a motel bed, the duo busted their guy and dragged him back to the station. The evidence was mounting in their favour, but Dexter steadfastly refused to believe that this was the man. After all, he had idolized the ice truck killer only to find him a fan of weird taxidermy – not exactly what he had hoped for in a mentor. But could the Miami police get that all-important confession out of him?

In a word – yes. Laguerta’s interrogational tactics were far from conventional, sitting back in a casual, almost disinterested fashion, waiting to what she called ‘the good bits.’ These promised ‘good bits’ included the frenzied media circus that would come once they had their confession: the televised trial, the books that would be written about the killer, even the possibility of a Hollywood movie. Such incentives had the suspect talking and soon the precinct was alive with excitement.

Away from the commotion of the ice truck killer, Doakes apprehended his own murder suspect – Jeremy, the young boy whose life Dexter had spared only recently. Once marked as Dexter’s next kill, Jeremy had wriggled his way out of an early grave by convincing Dexter that his only reason for having murdered someone was due to their having raped him. Sympathetic to this excuse, Dexter let the confused boy go with only a warning, however on finding a new body, exhibiting the same type of wounds as Jeremy’s previous victim, Dexter realised his leniency had cost someone their life.

Keen to make amends, Dexter went in search of Jeremy to finish what he should have done before, only to find himself in the middle of an arrest when Doakes and his team accosted the youngster. Pleased not to have been identified by Doakes at the point of arrest, (after all, how could he explain his presence there?), Dexter was also heartened to find that his colleagues weren’t all useless in their detective work.

His comfort at the arrest of Jeremy proved short-lived as after conversing with the boy, Dexter found there to be striking similarity between himself and the arrested juvenile. Where Dexter had benefited from the guiding hand and incredible understanding of foster father Harry, Jeremy had been left alone to suffer his isolation and confusion. Dexter tried to snatch a moment with the boy, advising him to only kill those that deserved to die. Sadly, on finding Jeremy dead in his holding cell, Dexter realised that the boy had acknowledged his counsel and killed someone who had tragically merited it.

Away from police work, Debra embarked on a new romance with Rudy, the doctor helping ice truck killer victim Tony Tucci with his artificial limbs, while Rita struggled with the re-introduction of husband Paul into her world. Will Dexter kill the nasty wife-beater? Oh, I do hope so!

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