James Marsters: “Joss Whedon never got into Spike”

He is soon to star in Torchwood, but James Marsters is most famous for his peroxide-haired turn as lovable vampire Spike in both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Sure, Buffy, Willow and Xander were the core good guys but we all love a villain. Fans adored Spike and when Angel folded there was talk of a possible spin-off show just for him, however Marsters believes creator Joss Whedon never had much affection or interest in the blood-sucker.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Marsters elaborated: “I don’t think the character of Spike really sparked Joss’ imagination. I think that he was designed to be a throwaway character that got popular with the fans. Personally, he never really got into him.”

“Every character on the show was a version of Joss, but Joss didn’t see Spike that way. Spike was the other guy. He was the guy who might mess up the show, actually, because vampires are supposed to be ugly and hated… whenever Joss would write an episode, Spike would have, like, five lines. That’s fine. I mean, the man gave me a job and he’s a great guy and everything.”

Has this ‘great guy’ missed a trick by ignoring the obvious fan support for Spike and would you like to see him make a return to TV? Leave a comment and let us know whether you think Spike ever got the attention he fully deserved.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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