BBC Newsreader Emily Maitlis causes a scandal by crossing her legs


Is BBC Newsreader Emily Maitlis the new Sharon Stone? Yes, that is probably the most ridiculous question you’ve been asked today, but here me out. In a trailer advertising the Beeb’s news broadcast at 9pm, the 36-year-old sat perched on the edge of her desk and swung one leg over the other. There was no inappropriate flashing of knickers or worse, as she was carefully covered up in a navy shirt-suit but the sight of one limb swung over the other has resulted in an upsurge of complaints by upset viewers.

Maitlis can speak five languages, attended Cambridge University and is a mother of two, but now she is out in the cold with many. Grumblers have condemned it as a ‘gimmick to attract attention’, adding ‘let’s hope it doesn’t become a permanent feature. I don’t remember Sophie Raworth ever indulging in this conduct.’ Other comments included: ‘Why is this woman perched on a desk with her skirt hitched up when she is supposed to be a ‘serious’ newsreader. What will it be next? Huw Edwards with a rolled-up trouser leg?’ Ooh – don’t tease a girl.

Other critics have labelled the leg crossing as ‘indulgent’, ‘completely inappropriate’ and ‘thoroughly unprofessional and obviously meant to be titillating. It is giving out all the wrong messages.’

The BBC has yet to comment on the whole scandalous business but the offending trailer is not expected to receive a repeat airing. Incidentally Maitlis isn’t the regular host of the 10pm news she was promoting, with Fiona Bruce and Huw Edwards top dogs on that slot, but it seems like she has left a lasting impression with many.

[via the Daily Mail]

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