TV Watchdog Condemns Hindley Documentary

  MediaWatch-UK, the TV watchdog founded by Mary Whitehouse, is up in arms about a documentary on moors murderess Myra Hindley, which is to be shown on Channel 5 on December 29th. They’re particularly upset that Myra Hindley: The Prison Affairs is being broadcast over the Christmas period, which they seem to feel is a time when only nice, fluffy TV should prevail.

” Quite frankly it’s quite wrong to put on something like this during the festive season when people want to be with their families and to have some joy and happiness in their lives,” their director told The Sun. Quite right, too. I mean, any other time of the year is fair game, but at Christmas? Hell, no. It should be Mary Poppins and A Wonderful Life all the way…

The hour-long documentary will focus on the years Hindley spent incarcerated for her crimes, taking a salacious look at her alleged lesbian affairs (or maybe that’s just The Sun’s reporting of this one, who knows), and contains interviews with those who knew her in prison. It also features an interview with the mother and brother of Keith Bennett – one of Hindley and Brady’s victims, whose body has never been found.

“It’s unlikely to be a ratings winner,” said John Beyer of MediaWatch. Um, I think you may be wrong about that one, John. This kind of publicity almost always gives the show in question a nice little ratings boost…

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