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Coronation Street fans apply here

By mofgimmers on November 24th, 2006 10 comments

Alec_and_lenMany things come to our screens and by the same token, many leave, never to be seen again. Amongst all the new pretenders to the throne, one programme refuses to budge from it’s place in the nation’s hearts. That, ladies and gents, is Coronation Street. Corrie has been going for nigh on a thousand years and is celebrated on the wonderful Corrie Blog. With news about the current cast, as well as glorious pictures to recall the days when Alec Gilroy could be seen wearing Eric Morecambe specs in front of forgotten bottles of Warnicks. Go over and indulge your cobbled street needs at Corrie Blog.

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  • cameron

    can i apply for coronation street

  • Nicole coghlan.

    can i apply for coronation street Nicole coghlan age 12.

  • Taylor

    My dream is to go on corrination street, my name is Taylor Mallender and im13 I think I might have a slight addiction to corrination street I have been in itv studios before because my dad is a plumber and he needed to fix the kitchen, I really want to be on corrination street please reply

  • Shauna decourcy

    can i apply for corrie. my name shauna decourcy age 12

  • Charlottebrewster

    can i apply  fpr corrie. my name is charlotte brewster age 12

  • Alice Scott

    can i please apply for Coronation street? My name is Alice Scott,age 14

  • Claire_666

    can i please apply for coronation street? My namw is Claire Bright, age 21

  • Keira

    Hello:) My name is Keira Stephen age 12 :/ I would love to be on Corrie, I always have to watch it because i don’t want to miss it lol 

    Please reply 

  • Jacob roberts

    Hi my name is jacob roberts
    I am 15 years old and whach corrie every night .
    I know you may not want me to be on the show but i think i have what it takes well i know i have what it needs . Just to be abble to be on there would be great
    Thanks so much if u have read this and if ur intrested pleace email me on-

  • stephanie

    hello am stephanie am 12 year old i watch corrie all the time and

    i wont to be on it u might now wont me to but i have what it take to be on

    but if i dont get to be on thanks for reading this xxx this is my mum number 07794276497 xx

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