Strictly Come Dancing: Week 1

Those of you who’ve been living in an X-shaped hole for the last few weeks might not have realised that Strictly! Come! Dancing! began its fourth series on Saturday night (pulling in a massive 8.4 million viewers- that’s .4 more than The X Factor…*) On hearing the SCD theme my allegiance switched from ITV to BBC so quickly I got whiplash, and I’ll now be glued to the dancing for twelve happy weeks *rubs hands together with glee*.  Even better, I’ll be writing about Strictly here on TV Scoop for twelve happy weeks, keeping you updated on all the latest strops, sequins and oh yes, maybe a little dancing, too…

Already I can see that there’s going to be a battle this year- not between the dancers or even between Brendan and his partner (for a change!) but between myself and anyone who tries to suggest that Mark Ramprakash out-danced Ray Fearon… No, I just won’t hear of it! Ray and Camilla are my favourites so far, and isn’t it about time Camilla at least made the final? One thing’s for certain: Nicholas Owen ain’t going anywhere but home, poor lad. It wasn’t pretty though, was it? (If you missed it, it’s maybe for the best, and you won’t be sad about not seeing Jimmy Tarbuck either, although he seems to have been working very hard, bless him). On the whole, the cha-chas were better than the waltzes although gentle giant Peter Schmeichel was surprisingly graceful… 

*According to The Mirror.

I’m interested to know what viewers think to the new format (boys competing one week, girls the next, with a group dance from the non-competing gender)? I’m never sure about this type of shake-up but I think this one might work- it’s nice for the celebs to have a week off from the public vote, and it keeps an even number of male and female celebrities for most of the show’s run- which is clearly the intention. It also means we can compare like with like… although it does mean I won’t see much of Fearon’s fabulous hips next week, dammit.

It’s hard to tell who’s going to be the best booty-shaking woman, but I can’t imagine Emma Bunton (dancing with little cutie Darren Bennet, bless the tiny pair of them!) will be bad. Jan Ravens and Mica Paris are definitely the unknown quantities- from her group dance performance I have a feeling Mica isn’t that graceful, but I’m willing to be proved wrong, and I think Jan might pull something fabulous out of the bag…maybe? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to stay tuned on Saturday (ah, it’s a hard life…) Look out for my week two summary next Monday– come on the girls!

ps: There’s no It Takes Two tonight due to some football thingamajig (apparently it’s fairly important) but if you missed Saturday’s show you can watch the highlights here.

[Diane Shipley].

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