Screen Wipe with Charlie Brooker, Tonight at 10.30pm (Repeated tomorrow) BBC Four

Charlie Brooker is the finest man in media. He’d probably knock me out for referring to him as a ‘man in media’, but that’s what he is. Brooker is on the inside looking out… a quite possibly pleading for help. Thankfully for us, Brooker has a programme called Screen Wipe (a small screen version of his Screen Burn column in The Guardian), which sees him slaying all the idiots in TV, and basically being absolutely correct all the time. Once you’ve got used to looking at him (not that he’s ugly… I had just thought he looked more like Mark Heap before I saw him on TV… not like someone who might beat you up), the show is the most enjoyable thing on the box. Miss at your peril.[Mof Gimmers]

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