Big Brother’s Imogen in Sex Tape Scandal!


Oh dear oh dear. It’s all going to be a bit weird for Imogen when she gets out of the Big Brother House. Not only will she be getting attention from people she has never met, but she’ll only discover that she’s been seen by grubby buggers in a sex tape.

The poor girl has fallen foul of an opportunistic ex-boyfriend. He’s filmed himself… with Imogen (if you catch my drift… winkwinknudgenudge) in a variety of ‘poses’ shall we say, and then, flogged it to some internet site (of which I won’t include the link as it seems a bit crass).

Unfortunately for Dimogen, her very private doings are now available for all to see, and worse still, without her consent (it would seem). Whether or not the Big Brother bods deem it sensible to inform her remains to be seen. For once, I actually feel an emotion towards her. Instead of utter boredom, I feel really sorry for the girl, and here’s to hoping she takes it all in her stride.[Mof Gimmers]

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