Set The Video: Mindshock

In this first of a new short run exploring the intricate workings of the mind, “Transplanting Memories?” investigates the phenomenon of transplant recipients taking on personality traits of the donors whose organs they’ve received and asks if scientists’ understanding of the workings of human memory is in need of some revision

You might think it was simply coincidence that Claire Sylvia developed a liking for beer and green peppers following her heart/lung transplant, or that it was the trauma of the operation that made her handwriting change.  But neither coincidence nor trauma can explain her vivid dream of a young biker called “Tim L” who, she later discovered, was the very same Tim who crashed his bike and whose organs were transplanted into her.  And if you think that is far-fetched, you’ll find references to at least ten other people with similar experiences in this unsettling start to the series.

* Mindshock: Transplanting Memories? C4, 10pm Monday 26 June

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