Set The Video: Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts

“This is the last story I will ever tell.”

So says Rose, as she starts her narration in the first half this double-header that closes the current series of Doctor Who.  The Tardis materialises at Torchwood, the much-heralded centre for alien studies commissioned by Queen Victoria at the start of this series, where they are welcomed by Yvonne Hartman the Director.  But it’s a funny sort of welcome when she proceeds to commandeer the TARDIS, saying “If it’s alien, it’s ours.”

The Doctor and Rose investigate a mysterious sphere in the basement.  Is this the power that is causing the appearance of ghosts?  Are the ghosts the beings which the Doctor says are “bleeding through the fault lines” between universes?  And when the Doctor says he thinks he knows which universe is colliding with ours, is there a clue in the form of the reappearance of the Cybermen?  Don’t miss what promises to be a cracking finale to this year’s run.

* Doctor Who: Army Of Ghosts, BBC1, 7pm Saturday 1 July

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