Set the Vid: Bleak House

For those who missed it last winter, BBC4 are repeating Andrew Davies’s much-acclaimed, multi-award-winning, multi-star-featuring adaptation of Charles Dickens’s Bleak House.  The time of year isn’t quite right for the series, with its famous opening on a windswept, rainy autumnal London street, but it is still worth a watch, whether you’ve seen it/read it before or not.   There’s the additional fun to be had from playing ‘spot-the-star’ – in this first episode, it’s Gillian ‘X-files’ Anderson as you’ve never seen her before, playing Lady Dedlock, an English aristocrat with a secret to hide.  In upcoming episodes, watch out for Johnny Vegas doing a brilliant turn as the slightly evil rag-and-bone man, Krook. 

*Bleak House – BBC4. Friday 30th June, 7pm-8pm

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