More Grace action from the Big Brother house

Grace eh? If Amber hasn’t convinced that this woman is worth hating, then I will. Richard, posho Canadian, with essentially, a slightly annoying tone, but a decent heart, is the latest target of Grace the Face Ache. He’s insincere. Nikki the ringer hates him too… because he eats Cornflakes. Oh, and Grace hates Susie too. And herself most likely because she’s going to be slaughtered on leaving the house.

Lately, the general public have done me proud. Getting Sezer out was a stroke of genius. Shouting ‘Get Grace Out!’ was also bona fide TV Gold! I thought you’d let me down by keeping Nikki in, but I’ve realised what you’re doing… and it’s very very clever and cruel. You’re keeping her in until the last four to shoot her down from an even greater pedestal. You lovely snidey lot!

Speaking of pedestals, yesterday we saw Grace blubbing away because she lost immunity. Good-o! Well, here’s a favour I need to ask. The bailiff’s are coming ’round my house today becuase I’ve got three credit cards out just to have enough money to vote for her 3 million times. However, I’m not satisfied. We need you, the public, to get on it as well. Vote for all you’re worth. Vote her out on Friday, and make me a happy bunny. Don’t stop there. Go down to the Big Brother house and hurl abuse at her. Then, when she’s out for a week, find out where she hangs out. Then hurl some more abuse at her. Better still, just talk about her behind her back and turn every single person she knows into a sniping paranoid droog. It’ll be fun! Who’s with me?[Mof Gimmers]

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