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Contestants confirmed for Celebrity X Factor

By mofgimmers on May 24th, 2006 3 comments

You_like_it__notalotYou’ll like it… but really, not a lot. Paul Daniels and his ‘lovely’ assistant Debbie McGee have been confirmed as participants for a) Celebrity X Factor and b) a dressing down from Simon Cowell.

Other entrants include Lucy Benjamin (who I first read as Floella Benjamin), the pitiful Chris Moyles, the evil Gillian McKeith, page 3 girl Michelle Marsh… and there are four more hopeless cases hopefuls to be named! Aint life grand? The show starts on the 29th May on ITV1.[Mof Gimmers]

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  • Tabby

    I can’t wait to see this new series. It looks as though I am going to spend my summer watching tv, between X Factor, Big Brother and love island! I can’t wait to blog it all!

  • fiona barry

    Like to say how cheap of Sharon Osbourne to involve us all in the dirty linen saga re James and Rebecca. Whatever personal issues she has or whether she was intending to do the dirty work for Mrs Beckham was wrong. This was viewed by children teenagers and family people and to mention not wearing knickers and you should be shot, when times are difficult with knives and gun culture. If Sharon did not want them in the show she should have left X Factor when she was respected and go back to USA. The show was for charity and good family viewing. I hope the agents for Rebecca and James can sort Sharons outburst with quickness. Whatever people have or dislike about someone, you should do it in the dressing room not infront of millions. Simon Cowell does speak his mind but even he and his co hosts were rather wishing the Scottie would beam them all up. Sharon has overstepped the mark and the sound technicians to the camermen were all involved in making sure their slot was humiliation. Sharon has exceeded her sell by date and should leave the show because she will never apologise and shows how unprofessional she really is and if she could not deal with this she is not right to continue. I like Sharon and Ozzy but in this game you have to keep certains remarks under the tongue. I personally felt uneasy and decided to make a cuppa and thought well this makes your show cheap with comments like that. The charity they are representing surely would have not wanted them as patrons if they felt they were not credible enough. The whole thing was booing and rigged a setup. We only hear one side of gossip and the whole thing was just a mess. I think Rebeccca and James dealt with this very well considering and Sharon should apologise in private, but ironically I think James and Rebecca should win just to put two fingers up at those who orchestrated this.

    Sharon has ties with the Beckhams and Royality, who allowed this to happen? I am not taking sides but Rebecca held herself well and we dont see people micking David Beckham for his part in the affair. Well he is golden Balls so we can make an exception.

  • Chealsea


    I am a double

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