Chantelle Strops!

Chantelle! Aaaaw! She’s lovely isn’t she? A bit fick, but really, she’s got a heart of gold hasn’t she?

In short, no. No she hasn’t.

You see, anyone with a pair of eyes watching the Big Brother which contained Chantelle could see that underneath that bubblegum exterior lay a ‘orrid little diva. Snide looks toward unfavourable housemates and sniping behind their backs.

I’m sure people will be up in arms at this, and will no doubt proclaim their undying love for her. Well? Tough cheese bucko.

The Sun have reported that the haughty Houghton has recently thrown a massive strop up in Scotland, where, and quite rightly, the marvellous Edinbrugians bottled her off stage.

Chanters was paid a scandalous £3500 to show her chops in a nightclub “but she avoided fans by refusing to use the club’s main entrance, told promoters she would walk if she was asked any difficult questions and stayed stony-faced during Friday’s gig.”

Isn’t she a love though?

“The club have had JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and CHRISTINA AGUILERA through the doors in the past and they weren’t half as much of a handful as Chantelle.”


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