Big Brother’s Secret ‘Sleb

The logic is simple: if Celebrity Big Brother was better when they stuck a non-celeb into the house, then by gosh, wouldn’t it be just great to do the same thing for Big Brother 7 – but in reverse?

That’s the logic from BB Bosses, anyway, and it’s pretty hard to fault it – especially when it means we get to see a “celebrity” let loose in the house of fun along with a bunch of wanabees…

No word yet from Endemol yet on who the secret ‘sleb might be – or if the rumour is even true – but won’t it be just great if it is? As long as the ‘sleb in question isn’t Charlotte Church, obviously.

Meanwhile, the rumours continue to come thick and fast – a bit like the Big Brother contestants themselves, come to think of it. The rumour du jour is that this time around BB will dump the irritating “No Discussion of Nominations” rule and encourage contestants to bitch about each other openly. They’ll also be encouraged to form “secret” alliances, double-cross each other and generally be as dastardly as they can, before the watershed.

Now that’s what I call TV…

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