Lost slot confirmed

I’ve got a pal. He’s only just discovered Lost. He’s admitted to me that he feels like he shouldn’t be watching it. He also feels like it has been written by the people who brought us Sunset Beach. He has also had massive sleep loss because he’s so utterly addicted.

Now, most watched the first series on the box… then went and downloaded everything else from the internet and gasped and gawked at the relentless questions thrown out from the screen. Lots of questions… not many answers. Cliff hanger after cliff hanger… no wonder my buddy is bumbling around the house looking for other tribes and asking me about the whereabouts of ‘crazy maps’.

For those of you purer than pure, not wanting to illegally download the forthcoming series, you’ll be glad to know that the slot for the new show has finally been confirmed.

Channel 4 will be switching Lost from its original Wednesday slot, to Tuesdays nights. This will enable them to bring it back several months earlier than planned.

The second series of the cult show was due in July following the conclusion of Desperate Housewives but was moved forward to Spring to satisfy viewer demand.

Digital Spy have discovered that the show will air in a new Tuesday night slot at 10pm slot beginning on May 2. E4 will continue to preview new episodes each week at 11pm on Tuesdays.

So there you have it. Getting growing a massive beard and cover you lounge in sand. It is coming…

Slot confirmed at Digital Spy LOST fan site

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