The Carry On Diet

Tony Blair‘s telly alter-ago Michael Sheen did a reverse-Bridget for his latest TV role, Carry On nutter Kenneth Williams.

“I had to lose two stone,” Sheen tells the Radio Times. “Cabbage soup and nothing else for a week, and since then I’ve cut out sugar, bread and dairy, eaten only fish and white meat, and not touched alcohol.”

Remarkably, Sheen has not lost all his friends along with his lovehandles. So raise a pork pie and a bottle of stout to his (reportedly brilliant) performance in Fantabulosa, centrepiece of BBC4’s Kenneth Williams night on Monday.

In other Sheen News, Mike got his belly back to reprise his role as Blair in upcoming Miramax movie, The Queen. This sort-of sequel to Stephen Frears’ brilliant C4 drama The Deal, which saw Sheen’s Blair haggle over career trajectories with David Morrissey‘s sexbomb Gordon Brown, dispenses with Brown and brings on (go on, three guesses) Helen Mirren as QE2. Frears again directs, and the magnificent cast includes James Cromwell (Six Feet Under; Babe) as barking Prince Phil and Sylvia Syms (At Home with the Braithwaites) as the Queen Mum.

* Kenneth Williams – Fantabulosa!, BBC4, Monday 13 March, 9pm/12.40am

* Kenneth Williams in His Own Words, BBC4, Monday 13 March, 8.30pm/3am
* Jackanory: The Dribblesome Teapots, BBC4, Monday 13 March, 10.20pm
* Seriously Outrageous (doc), BBC4, Monday 13 March, 10.35pm
* Desperately Funny (doc), BBC4, Monday 13 March, 11.35pm

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