Doctor Who teaser

Pants are positively dripping in sci-fi land. There is a new Doctor Who series imminent and, let’s be honest, nothing compares to it in terms of quality British science fiction.

Blake 7? Ok, not bad, come back when you’ve had Sylvester McCoy nearly getting blown to pieces in real life. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Don’t make me laugh. Only a fool would enjoy the series that was spewed out in the 80s.

No. Doctor Who is the true champion of all British Sci-Fi, and teasers are available to really get your gland in act

Not only can you check the teaser, but the BBC are literally giving Doctor Who things away on their website . How about classic clips? Behind the scenes docs? Trailers of Christopher Eccleston legging it around as the old Doctor (before his regeneration into the thumbs aloft antics of David Tennant). Oh, you can also download stuff to your phone.

Lordy, they’re a kind bunch. If you’re an obsessive type, what more could you want? No, you can’t have a snip of Paul McGann‘s hair…

So, wipe up the drool, wear your scarf with pride and get ready… the Doctor is on his way!

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