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Dear Russell, Please Can You Fix It

By ShinyMedia on March 8th, 2006 4 comments

Peter_kay_in_dr_who If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Seek and ye shall find. Jim’ll Fix It.

To these aphorisms we can now add: Write nice letters to famous writers and you, too, may be in the new series of Doctor Who. (Btw it helps if you’re Peter Kay.)

Revealing that Kay would star as dastardly Victor Kennedy in series two, penmeister general Russell T Davies says: "We cast Peter after he wrote me the most brilliant letter to say how much he’d enjoyed series one."

But don’t expect any gags from the gagman of Phoenix Nights and the Bolton Albert Halls. "This is not a comedy turn," insists Davies. "Peter is a versatile actor who has appeared in Paul Abbott’s Butterfly Collectors and The Secret Life of Michael Fry."

Look out for Kay in episode 10 of the new series. Other episodes are peppered with startdust in the form of Anthony Head, Maureen Lipman, Roger Lloyd-Pack (Only Fools), Pauline Collins (Bleak House) and Tracy-Ann Oberman (EastEnders). See Outpost Gallifrey for all the latest.

* Doctor Who, BBC1, "spring 2006". Cuh!

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  • Simon

    It’s great that Peter Kay will star in Doctor Who as it’s another reason why I WON’T be watching. Overrated Scottish actor meets overrated, overweight northerner…switching off/over that night, I’ll telling you!

  • Richard

    It’s when things got silly like this in the McCoy years that it really descended faster than a deflated airship.

    I like Peter Kay, I like him a lot and I like Doctor Who… a lot.

    I also like custard and mashed potatoes – but not together.

  • http://htttp:// jack


  • Alphonsus

    So, what do you think about
    last comments ?

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