Blue Peter Scam!

I’ll be honest here. I secretly want a Blue Peter badge. I never really watched the show as a kid, but as it was quite difficult to obtain them, it made me want one even more. I could have gone to a zoo for free.

Well, it turns out that you can buy them from Ebay. Ok, it’ll cost you £30, but really, what price is exclusivity? Hmm?

The folks at Blue Peter are obviously peeved at this news, and have decided to suspend the award until further notice.

Editor Richard Marson explained: “This is a sad but necessary short-term step to safeguard the future of the Blue Peter badge scheme. (It is essential to) protect children who have earned their badges and who are feeling very let down by this cynical trade. We have a responsibility, both to them and to the partners on our visitor list… we are doing our best to get the system back up and running as soon as possible.”

So, if you don’t mind cheating, get one now before someone takes out a lawsuit.

Digital Spy article

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