Who Quote of the Day

“I was sent good luck cards from Tom Baker and Peter Davison. They were the Doctors I grew up watching while eating toast and drinking Tizer, so I was very honoured.”

David Tennant, child of the 70s and 10th Doctor Who.

More Who news:
* Tonight sees the US debut of the Doctor Who TV trailer. US cable network the Sci-Fi Channel will air the Christopher Eccleston series from 17 March.

* The new BBC series will debut in April. The Cybermen will be back, and there are cameos from 80s assistant Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and – be still, sprinting heart – K-9.

* Writer Russell T Davies has said it would be “marvellous” to make a Who movie with Tennant. But don’t start queuing yet, fanboys: “We are too busy to blink at the moment.”

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