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Baker-like Phone

By ShinyMedia on February 2nd, 2006 3 comments

Who_410 Tom Baker vs David Tennant: let the games begin.

Round 1: Voiceovers
Baker: Shiny Shiny reports that Baker is the new voice of BT’s texting service. You type in your text, your mate picks up the landline, and Tom booms out your message. In words!
Tennant: Dave’s going to read some audio books.
Winner: Baker

Round 2: Roman numerals
Baker: The fourth Doctor, which makes him Doctor IV.
Tennant: Doctor X, if you include that McGann fella.
Winner: Tennant. Doctor X sounds cool. "Doctor Ivy" sounds like a girl.

Round 3: Google
Baker: "tom baker" yields 737,000 results.
Tennant: "david tennant" gets 270,000.
Winner: Round declared void. There are too many other Tom Bakers.

Round 4: Cosiness with Doctor’s assistant
Baker: He married her. For a bit.
Tennant: Spotted "cuddling" by the Daily Star.
Winner: Baker. Tennant was keeping Billie warm.

Round 5: Fansites
Baker: Scads of ’em. The Tom Baker or Normal? game, A history of Tom Baker’s scarves, Adopt Tom Baker, Tom Baker fan poetry… (we could go on; we choose not to)
Tennant: Oh, here’s another one ("there will be a subpage for the Barty Crouch Jr fanlist as soon as I have a picture of David in that character")
Winner: Baker

Overall winner: Baker. But give the wee lad a chance. Casanova rocked.

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  • Ash

    According to one of the fan sites

    » His (DT’s) favourite band is The Proclaimers.

    Surely that’s at least a few million more points in Tom Baker’s favour

  • baddad

    David who?.Is he Neil’s brother?.

    The very FACT that ‘The’ Tom Baker stands aloft from millions of others is the point I think.

    Did you count Peter Cushing in the list?.If not,then surely no McGann fella can be listed?.Besides, Tom Baker was the best Dr Who regardless of his Roman Numeral (or any other attachment).

    Tom Baker is a national treasure and will be remembered long after ‘Little Britain’, let alone David “what’s ‘is face”.

    Therefore; there can not,is not,and will not be any ‘challenger’ to Dr Who, sorry Tom Baker, and who knows Tom Baker might return one day as Dr Who, after David ‘super-strength lager’Tennant is doing something else?.

    Scarf-Wearers of Galafray

  • Roisin

    ^Dude, Baker won. What’s you complaint?^

    Oh, never mind, there’s no pleasing some people. Anbd you’re right, Casanova did rock.

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