Armando’s Quotes of the Day

“The casting is a hoot because we have to find a 70-year-old David Cameron and a 50-year-old Ant and Dec.”

Armando Iannucci, god of all he surveys, creator of The Day Today and The Thick of It, on his upcoming “fake history programme” Time Trumpet (BBC2).

Iannucci’s interview in this week’s Radio Times is blissfully quotable. I’ll probably get community service if I transcribe the whole thing, but it’s good manners to share a few choice chunks.

After the break: Iannucci on Paxman, Coke and Satan

“Will my comedy be remembered in 50 years? I expect it’s just stuff.”

“Everything is bullshit. A weight drops from your shoulders when you realise that every institution is run by people who make it up as they go along. Even the head of Coca-Cola probably asks on a daily basis: ‘What do we do now?'”

“I don’t see merit in [Jeremy Paxman] automatically flinging the opposite back at a politician. Viewers are gravitating towards programmes like Question Time where politicians are given a chance to say more.”

“I got my teenage years slightly wrong.”

“I am a bit of a cult, which means ‘unpopular’. But I enjoy performing. Maybe it’s therapy. It’s far better for the country that I do that than be in charge of the economy.”

“Part of the anger that drew me to do The Thick of It is my feeling that Blair is a demented manslaughterer, and there’s no debate about it. I’d like viewers to think, ‘My God, is that how it really happens? We ought to do something.'”

“David Cameron says he was in industry. He was a PR for a media company, where he was known as Satan, I’m told.”

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