The most popular casino games shown in movies

When films include a casino scene or are based around casinos they always make them look so fantastic, casinos generally look great as they are buildings designed to make people feel excited and entertained however in the movies this is exaggerated even more and so they look even better. There are so many great scenes […]...More

Peter Capaldi

The Thick of It’s Peter Capaldi to play 12th Doctor Who – he’s a bit of a sweary man isn’t he Mummy?

I can’t work out whether this is the most inspired choices for Doctor Who in the world ever. Or one of the worst? Certainly it’s been pretty darned effective generating publicity. Already on Twitter most people are fed up with swearing Doctor Who tweets like the one below because, as we all know kids, Peter […]...More

Well as you know all too well the BBC were all over this year’s Glastonbury and today released a few stats about its coverage: A record 1.5 million unique browsers – an increase of 98 per cent from the last Glastonbury in 2011, this means that not only was there more coverage, there were more […]...More


RIP James Gandolfini. The giant actor who played Tony Soprano dies of heart attack at 51

Simon Poulter of WWDB pays tribute to James Gandolfini, a great actor best known for his role as Tony Soprano in The Sopranos. Talk to any actor famous for a particular part and they will, more than anything else, do their level best to divorce fiction from reality. Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy even named his first autobiography […]...More

BBC iplayer

Tablets overtake smart phones for TV and radio catch up on BBC iPlayer

It’s not exactly surprising, but for the first time the BBC iPlayer TV and radio catch-up app has received more streaming requests from tablets than from smartphones. Revealed during the BBC’s monthly BBC iPlayer performance review, March 2013 saw 200,000 more requests come in tablets than from smartphones, echoing the rise in tablet ad...More

tesco clubcard tv

Get points on your Tesco Clubcard – watch ClubcardTV for free (with personalised adverts)

Is this the future of TV? Tesco has announced a deal with BBC Worldwide which will enable its Clubcard customers to watch programmes such as Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Goodness Gracious Me and Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression for free. The agreement, which also includes shows featuring star chefs Antonio Carluccio, […]...More


Channel 4OD comes to Samsung’s range of Smart TVs

Samsung have added Channel 4’s 4oD catch-up TV service to their range of connected Smart TVs. Available through Samsung Apps, the company’s Smart TV service portal, 4oD offers thirty days worth of recently-broadcast content from the likes of Channel 4 and More 4, alongside archive content. Shows like BrassEye and Peep Show are all avail...More

Peter Kay

Peter Kay’s Car Share first series to air on BBC iPlayer before BBC 1

TV programmes that premier online before TV look set to become a real trend this year. For in the wake of the Netflix House Of Cards exclusive the BBC has just announced that that a new sitcom from Peter Kay called Car Share  will premiere on BBC iPlayer. You will be able to see it […]...More


Channel 4 OD joins Sky TV On Demand from Monday March 18th

Sky have announced the arrival of Channel 4’s 4oD service as part of Sky TV’s On Demand hub. Landing next Monday, Sky subscribers with their boxes hooked up to the internet will be able to access on demand content from Channel 4 and More 4, with E4 and Film 4 content set to launch a […]...More

BBC iplayer

Windows Phone users to get BBC iPlayer. Over 600 mobile devices can now receive Beeb content.

The BBC iPlayer app will soon be available to Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 users. The app will act as shortcut application available through the Windows Phone Store, making iPlayer available as a Live Tile, wrapping both the iPlayer website and dedicated Media Player software needed to run it together. Windows Phone users […]...More


King Richard III: The King in the Car Park. How the last Plantagenet king ended up in a Leicester car park

It’s probably the most hyped archaeological dig since dinosaur fossils were first unearthed, but the long-lost remains of King Richard III have been identified by archaeologists at the University of Leicester “beyond reasonable doubt” – much to Channel 4’s delight as they plan to screen a documentary about it tonight. ...More

Small - UKTV David Attenborough 10-05-12 0607

Can animals talk to each other? Top 10 Natural History questions revealed by Eden HD

Can animals understand and use language? What actually happened to the dinosaurs and why do cats purr? These intriguing questions  top a list of natural science mysteries which the British public would most like to see answered according to a new study released today. The survey of 2,000 British adults was commissioned to celebrate the […]...More


LOVEFiLM to bring Peep Show and Inbetweeners to Instant service thanks to Channel 4 deal

LoveFilm Instant’s catalogue of on-demand streaming titles gets a boost today with the announcement of a new content deal with Channel 4. The Amazon-owned streaming service will now offer its members access to choice cuts from Channel 4’s 4oD online TV archive, including shows such as Peep Show (right), Father Ted, The Inbetweeners and ...More


LOVEFiLM vs Netflix

Many of you will already be aware that there are a few internet based services from which you can rent or stream the best of films and TV series’.  LOVEFiLM will be the company most will be familiar with due to its prevalence in Northern Europe and large number of UK subscribers.  LOVEFiLM is an […]...More

Sophiya Haque

Coronation Street’s Sophiya Haque, 41, dies of cancer

Actress Sophiya Haque has died after a short battle with cancer, it has been announced. Sophiya, 41, appeared in Corrie in 2008, playing barmaid Poppy Morales. Her agent Oliver Thomson spoke about his client after she passed away peacefully in a London hospital, saying: “Sophiya was a wonderful actress, a wonderful client but so much [&hellip...More

Omid Djalili after completing his rather impressive dive from the 10m high board

Review: Tom Daley’s Splash! ITV1. Omid Djalili’s dive saves the day

Maybe it was seeing Tom Daley and a few B-list celebrities without many clothes on (I’m thinking the Sugababes girl and Benidorm actor here, rather than Helen Lederer or Omid Djalili)? Or maybe it was the fact that there really wasn’t much else on telly that night and it was a cold evening. Whatever, it […]...More


Come Dive With Me! Tom Daley puts celebrities through their paces in Splash!

ALL PICTURES: ITV It’s been hyped to death, but I am genuinely interested in seeing Splash! this weekend – though they really should have called the programme Come Dive With Me (maybe legal issues prevented it). Featuring Olympic diver and all round pretty boy Tom Daley as mentor, it stars fifteen celebrities, all of whom […]...More

brian cox

See the amazing new trailer for Brian Cox’s Wonders Of Life

As BBC2 prepares to roll out their new series Wonders Of Life, it has released an amazing trailer for the show. The 5-part programme will follow Professor Brian Cox as he travels the globe exploring the story of life on Earth through physics. The programme is a remarkable co-production with Chinese broadcaster CCTV-9, the first […]...More

dr who snowmen

Don’t buy the Radio Times! Here’s our guide to the pick of Xmas TV

In these cash strapped times there really is no need to hand over your hard-earned dosh for a copy of Radio Times (other listings magazines are available), because we’ve bought a copy and have worked out which are the best shows over the holidays. It’s our Xmas gift to you. QI: Jingle Bells Stephen ‘National […]...More

corrie opening titles

End of the world as we know it. But I’ll just sit and watch Corrie!

It seems frankly amazing to me, but according to research carried out by digital TV solution YouView over 1 in 10 of us would spend our last half an hour on planet Earth watching Coronation Street. Apparently, should the world end tomorrow – as predicted by the Mayan Calendar – 11 per cent of us […]...More